Flashlight for multiple day backpack hunt???


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Oct 16, 2008
Hello guys,
Was wondering what flashlights do you use for multiple day backpack hunting? What technical properties do you think are important in a flashlight for this kind of trip? Thanks for the help.
I pack a small cabelas, 3 3/4" led, with 2 setttings, and a head lamp small led also. Usually get me all season, went 56 days this year. If I am hiking grizz area I ALSO pack the small surefire 65 lume, I JUST POP it on crossing high mtn basins or if I HEAR BEARS WOOFIN
Hello guys,
Was wondering what flashlights do you use for multiple day backpack hunting? What technical properties do you think are important in a flashlight for this kind of trip? Thanks for the help.

You mean 'Which headlamp?'.

-LED(s) that can switch from long range spot to close range, low power flood
-waterproof rating of IPX7
-many headlamps nowadays are going to AAA batts to save weight as the LEDs consume so little energy compared to the older generation krypton or halogen bulbs, however, I still prefer headlamps using AA batts and then that is the only kind of extra batt I need to carry for headlamp and gps. You can make up the weight difference by using the, albeit more expensive, but much longer lasting and working better in cold weather, energizer lithium AA batts. I will often get 2-3 wks of overnight tripping/misc other use out one set of batts, almost negating the need for carrying spares. But, a good headlamp with plenty of power (3W longrange bulb mode and several smaller LED's for low power close in mode) and long batterylife (AA's again) can literally be worth it's weight in gold in the backcountry, climbing or hunting, backpadking, sea kayaking, etc.

Still prefer a headlamp powered by 4 AA's with a separate longragne 3W LED mode and several smaller LED's for close up work mode to conserve energy. Don't care for headlamps powered by other batts because AA's are the most prevalent battery out there and the mom and pop down the hill from where you are hunting may not carry the special lithium battery or the AAA's many new headlamps use.

Just my opinion from over quite awhile of using many headlamps and currently owning several different types. You'll get plenty of opinions on this question.
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I use a Petzl head lamp that I have had for years. 4 AA batteries duel lens with zoom on the larger lens. Also use the old Mini Mag compact flashlights (2 AA)when backpacking along with the headlamp. Full size Mag Lite in the saddle bags and in the truck. Have had these lights for many years. Works for me.
I tend to have anxiety problems when it comes to batteries for electronics or lamps when in the mountains.

Rechargeable batteries don't hold charge well when cold. Regular batteries can't be recharted.

I carry 2 extras for the LRF. I have a cap with 3 LEDs built into it. When the batteries die the cap is useless.

For the last 3 years I've carried a fairly inexpensive wind up batteryless multiple setting LED hand held. Its been scoffed at by some to the extent that you knew a bear was in camp when alerted by ol' Roy winding his light.:)

Had to tighten the screws a couple of times but she's still working. Plenty of light for walking in the darkness. Spots eyes at a decent distance. Doesn't do much more than that.
I use two LED head lamps powered by 3 AAA batterys each.

I use one headlamp all the time and keep the other in the pack as a backup.
All I use is a headlamp that runs on AA so I use the same batteries for all electronics. A flashlight is more equipment to keep track of and extra weight. I am a firm believer of ounces make pounds. I was pretty amazed to add up the weight of all the little things I would pack with me. I have been using a petzl but it had issues on my last hunt and I don't like it when a piece of equipment that I pack doesn't work perfect. I have a friend sending me the new Surefire headlamps to try out. If they are built like thier flashlights it could be the answer to all our broken headlamps.
That is a pretty interesting website and $$$headlamps!

When I do use flashlights I generally use pelican. They run on AA, plenty of light and the batteries last long enough for me.
Another vote for the Princeton Tec. I usually carry 2 in my pack, I've had one for over 4 years now. The Princeton is a top shelf headlight no bones about it, powered by 3 AAA batteries and tough as they come.
Thanks for the replies guys. I have a Princeton Tec headlamp that I bought like 10 years ago, it is still working very good. Just wanted to know what you guys use. I see that the new models of the Princeton Tec headlamps have improved a lot. The Apex model seems like a future buy for me.
A yellow colored so I can find it easily Surefire G2 2 cell lithium battery LED flashlight it is very lightweight and gives off 85 lumins of light so is very bright/powerful and the batteries last a very long time, I also carry a battery pack that holds up to 6 spare batteries and 1 spare bulb assembly.

If I'm packing my Marlin 1895GS in 45-70 I also carry a Glock tactical light that uses the same batteries it attaches onto the rifle with a Wild West Guns light mount installed on the front of the mag tube.
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