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Feb 13, 2012
Salmon starts July 1st and the fish are back on their schedule. People and guides are freaking out. I just laugh and remind them its mother natures clock not yours or the game departments. This is a relatively new fishery since 2000. Historically they opened based on the return numbers and it was always July 15th. Then after a few good years they caved to pressure and set the opener on July 1. Yep it worked pretty good with a few "close to normal" return timing the last 6-7 years. Then bam the queen mother slapped the greedy right in the face with a Kings tail. Those fish are still 150 miles from us, and me thinks the second and third week in July good numbers will be here. Another 300 miles down river the numbers are looking record setting if we can just get them up river and hold them. I am twitching just waiting and watching them get closer.


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