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May 22, 2003
North NJ
hey, just stumbled upon this board and want to thank everyone for putting up such poignant and mature posts. no arguing or BS... its great.

i live and hunt in NJ, so long range to me is 300 yards. i know this is peanuts, but the best rifle range here is only 300 yards max, and the hunting plots i use are nestled between airports, suburbs, etc.

we cant even use centerfire here, so i use a ML and 12 guage for hunting.

i would like to purchase my first centerfire, and based upon my salary it will likely be the last for quite a while.

i have many ideas, but would ike your input.

the guns uses are listed in order of liklihood below:
1) sit in the gun cab and just look **** good
2) shoot paper informally but very seriously at the 300 yard range...
3) hunt deer in NY and PA at ranges from muzzle to about 30o yards.
4) hunt coyote / chucks in PA as far as i am able
5)be used to teach my friends how to shoot a centerfire rifle
6) hunt boar someday when i can afford the trip down south

7) hunt moose when i get back up to maine (lived there) and apply for the lottery

i have an '06 that dad gave me. i hate it but would never ever tell him, cause he cherishes it. for that reason alone it has a valued place in my gun cab. other than that, i shoot the 12/slug and .50 cal ML often, and have a cadre of great .22 rimfires. i now want a gun that fills the niche betweemn these.

soooo... to the point finally...
(you guessd it) what rifle/cartridge/scope combo!?!? i am leaning towards the following, but would LOVE your collective thoughts for my needs.

rem stainless/laminate mountain rifle
short action .260 rem
2-7 or 3-9 scope

thanks for your time
First off.Welcome to LRH
...My guess would be a 243 Win until you threw the MOOSE in there
.....Get yourself a Rem 700 VLS in 308 and you will have all u need....
...Scope would be a 4.5-14 Leupold

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I agree with Boyd on cartridge and rifle selection. If you are not going over 300 yards on any kind of regular basis and may be hunting heavy cover, consider the Leupold 2.5-8 or 3.5-10.

Welcome to the board. Lots of information here.
I'll second the motion for the short 30. I would, however, top it with a Zeiss or a Weaver
No flies on the Leupold, just not my first choice. (as you explore this board you'll discover just how subjective optical selection is!)

Welcome to the board and look forward to hearing more from you.

Hiya Crockett, welcome to the Hood.
I'm a newbie also and have/am learning alot from the archives here.
Here is a photo of the rifle-type that Boyd is referring to.

Good luck in your search.

What about old and good .270Win ???
Can do all, hunt varmit, and still big enough for Moose.
If money is concern I would go with Savage
Model 114U
Suggested Retail - $552.00

Features: High luster blued barreled action, internal box magazine, gloss American walnut custom stock.

Sights: Drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

Stock: Ultra high gloss American walnut with black tip and custom cut checkering.

Magazine Capacity:
4 rounds (270 Win., 30-06 Spfld.)
3 rounds (7mm Rem. Mag., 7mm STW., 300 Win. Mag.)

7lbs. (270 Win., 30-06 Spfld.)
7.5lbs. (7mm Rem. Mag., 7mm STW., 300 Win. Mag.)

22" (270 Win., 30-06 Spfld.)
24" (7mm Rem. Mag., 7mm STW., 300 Win. Mag.)

I am a big fan of the 270 win. Have owned many and it is the first one to come out of the locker when i go out. 90g hollow point for the small stuff. 130-140g for deer size game. 150-160 for the big stuff. Recoil easyer to handle than some of the 30 cals. Very accurate out of the box. Used a 150g barnes x for moose with good results. Shot many deer with 130 and 140g bullets with no problems. 2-7, 3-9, 4-12, depends where you shoot. All will work up to 300 yards. If hunting in bush stick with the lower power.
If you want a 30 cal the 308 is a great choice. Accurate, won't knock you over, and will handle the bigger animals a little better than the 270. Good luck.
I have a 260 In the 700 remington laminated stock just what you mention with a 4.5x 14x40 leupold and for all we do here it is a fine of a rifle as a man could ask for but, there again I have not kill any moose either. It is real bad on deer with those little 120 gr noslers I don't reload for this rifle. I just use the remington premier bullets and the little cannon has never failed to put a good walopp on the deer that I have killed. Very fine weapon in my book.

Remington and leupold man
with shooting up to 300 and maybe a tad over, other than the moose, anything under the big 300's is more than fine. i think a 243 is a perfect starting centerfire, have a 270 myself and say its one of the best all around cases for the availability and money, with the 308 being right there with it. also, the 7mm has a very nice selection of heads to choose from. when it comes to dirtpigs/coyote/deer, its more a personal choice than anything, as all calibers from 6mm to the 30-06 will do everything requested with accurate shot placement.

as for optics- as stated before- thats a touchy subject around here. i'm just like sod though- remington & leupold.

by the way, if the 308 sounds good to you, check around a bit before you buy anything. i've seen a lot of different-and very nice-308's for sale on different boards/forums lately. seems there's a good many guys wanting to move into the bigger mags for longer ranges (1k+) and are getting rid of their current 308s for the funding. based on what you said you were going to be using it for, the 308 will be more than adequate, and i'm sure you could pick up a good rig already set up for a decent price. probably wouldnt take much taking to who you're getting it from to get the recipes they've been using for it already as well. just a thought....

Welcome to LRH....

Boyd got it right in the first post. The only other option might be the 300WSM hogs and Moose can be nasty at times... a little more horse power won't hurt. Ifyou are going to reload you can "tame down" the WSM for plinking and stuff...
I went with a model 7 243win for my 12yr old daughter last summer, the 260 or the 300wsm was a serious consideration but, the extra couple hundred for the muzzle brake for her wasn't affordable at the moment, hense the 243win.

I'd go with the 260 in a heartbeat if moose is in the works, the 300wsm... same price and would even be a better choice for all the listed game IMHO. If you ever get the chance to get out to 500yds or farther the 300wsm would be ready to take game there too. You hang around here long enough and you'll get the itch to find a spot and stretch your abilities... beware.
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