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    Jan 17, 2011
    Hey all. I want to thank everyone for helping me decide on how to build my first long range rifle. Now I am getting into reloading. I got a smoking deal at Cabelas on the Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reload kit. The kit says it has everything to start reloading except for dies and shellholders. Which brand of these should I get? I imagine RCBS? And should I get the die kits that come with 3 dies? What is the benefit to that? Is there anything I need to purchase so I can start reloading?

    Also, do you all have specific powder, primer or brass you recomend? I am going to reload for a 300 win mag. I plan on using Berger VLD or the AMAX bullets. Let me know any other tips and tricks you may have. I have no clue how to reload but I am going to learn and I am very excited?
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