First real long range hunt...Gave it a shot...


Mar 6, 2003
Western Pennsylvania
...Pun intended, of course. Today at about 8:30 I met up with Lee in OH to try for some serious long-range g-hog action. To make a long story short, we only saw one hog, and we didn't quite guess the elevation right (We're pseudo-newbies) so no 500 yard club today. Only missed the little bugger by a couple of inches each way, (over the tom and underneath) range was about 730 yards, maybe a bit more. Lee's rangefinder crapped out on him and the other one we had access to was unaccessable at the time, so here we were, cranking in elevation and taking guesses, which turned out to be about right on the money. I had a heck of a great time just shooting at rocks and stuff out in the fields, BS'n with Lee about shooting and everything else, and just sitting back glassing. I could not think of a better way to spend a saturday than this. We did have one confirmed kill, as we were checking out our impacts, we found we had killed a small grub. Lee said he figured it didn't count, and I tended to agree.
Unfortunately, the day was not all fun and games, as I now have begun to recognize the seriousness of my infection with the LRH virus. (Long Range Hunting) Something tells me it is going to be a serious strain on me financially in the years to come, and this trip just served to inflame my condition...

Had a great time and can't wait to do it again! Thanks, Lee!

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