First kill with Hand loads!!


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May 13, 2012
Dakota del norte
Well I have not loaded for my own rifle due to its another week or two from being finished BUT, I have loaded for my fathers 7mm Rem Mag

Nosler Brass
Fed 215 primers
150 gn combined technologies ballistic silver tips
73.8 gn of RL25
Approx 3150ish fps
Coal 3.288

My dad shot him high shoulder at approximately 275yds, he wheeled and wobbled off and fell over about 25-30yds from where he was shot!
I didn’t even shoot him but I felt very rewarded knowing I loaded the ammo!! Love this hobby and I see this will be taking to many hours spent down the road!

thanks to all for the great information y’all are so willing to give! Half or more if my reloading equipment has come from the classified section of the site!
You won't go back to factory ammo in a rifle once you have a great load for your rifle and enough components to feed it. I brained my avatar pic at 300 yards with handloaded 140 nos. a.b.'s from a 7mmstw pushed by rl25. I haven't killed anything with factory ammo in better than 20 years.