First hand made Powder Horn


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Aug 23, 2010
Done! Made the staples myself out of a coat hanger, flattened them, heated then up and put a twist in them. A little wood glue for some support and they tapped into the horn and wood base plug nicely. The base plug & spout I lightly torched for some age and color. A hand rubbed coat of linseed oil and shes done! Already hanging off my shooting bag. 100% sealed air tight including the staple that goes through the horn.



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Jan 10, 2008
I have made a few over the years. Last one was an off white with black tip. I did it in the 1700s lip horn style. I had fitted a walnut back plug and used brass tacks to secure. I also scrimshawed some design around where I filed and shaped on the spout end to affix the lanyard to that end. I also placed my name and under it "His Horn" like examples I have seen. I used this horn with my garb when I was doing French and Indian and Revolutionary War re-enactment as a militia rifleman.

First horn I ever made I helped dehorn the cow to get my horns. They were white and black also. They were smaller than my campaign lip horn. I was using them for a cap lock rifle. I made one for the powder and then a small one to hold my caps. I hug them under my bag, little cap horn then the powder horn like the way that Danial Bone "Fess Parker" did his powder horn on the TV show I watched as a kid.

I helped a friend make a horn that was mostly white with light brown tip and I showed him how to scrape the horn with a piece of flint to get it so thin that you could hold it up to the light and see how much powder you had in it.