First Elk Hunt!!

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    Jan 31, 2010
    Lets start off by saying 3 years ago i wasn't into long range shooting or hunting. didn't know anything about it. i did a bear hunt and the only bear we saw ended up popping up around 425 yards away! to me at the time was a hell of a shot! i was set up, not the most confident and 3 cubs walked out so we let her go. the year after that i began practicing more for 300 yards and the odd 400 yard shot just incase. i thought 300 was long! i was getting really good though. I went up and did a moose hunt and spotted the biggest moose i have ever seen at 731 yards and we moved up and couldnt' get closer then 544 yards and we came home empty handed. I was sick of it, and i came across this sight and this year we stumbled across a hell of an opportunity. A cheap montana elk hunt. Something me or my old man had never done. My dad, My brother (first hunt), my neighbor, his best friend, anutes new boyfriend and myself did a montana big game combo hunt this year. I was sick of this not ready stuff so i got a good bullet, 180 grain accubond around 2811 fps holding 3/4 moa out too 400 yards and under moa out too 600 yards. I topped my gun off with a egw 20 moa base, burris xtr rings and a vortex viper pst 4-16x50mm ffp and i was ready.

    This was my first time out west. i am citizen of Ontario Canada so this was an unbelievable experience. I am 18 years old and was my third big game hunt. My brother is only 13 and was his first. What a hunt. We drove a little over 7000 km's or 4375 miles. we hunted 10 days. We saw close too 60 elk in those days and not one of us got one. I jumped up a heard at about 125 yards and took a shot at a running bull in the thickest stuff and nailed a tree! man was i ever upset, but what a rush. Super tough shot but had to try. We watched 4 big bulls and 2 legal bulls all week at the ranch and they just never wanted to cross the river to the legal side (only 150 yards or so).

    We hunted in the mountains mainly but headed back to my auntes boyfriends ranch to shower ---- and shave every other day or so. half way through the week back at the ranch we jumped a monster non-typical whitetail and we couldn't get a shot. A small spike stepped out and we didn't want to go home empty handed so my dad laid him out. It was his first whitetail ever! not the most impressive but the first. My youngest brother learned how to gut a deer and it was an experience for the two of them. an hour after getting it into the tree i went back out and 2 minutes into getting set up a small 8 point comes running out and wouldn't stop, i fired and shot and missed and the deer took off running full speed. I led him better at 150 yards and squeezed and dropped him where he stood!! my first buck, my first deer!! an hour after my dads first, i got my first!! what a rush! the next morning we took my brother out and 20 minutes into it we stumble across a 6 point at 250 yards. I dialed up and he squeezed a shot and hit him in the guts, he dropped and got back up. he sqeezed another and it spined him, dropped him and he was out for the count. 3 deer down, all 3 bucks, all 3 our firsts deer. what an awesome trip.

    nobody got elk, but we saw lots, and we hunted hard. great trip. We saw wolves, black bear, elk, mule, whitetail, and antelope. over all great trip, great hunt, fantastic experience.