First Deer with my 338EDGE.


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Oct 13, 2003
Fredericksburg ,Va
Wasn't long range, But he's my biggest one yet. Heres my Black Friday 12pt. 300gr. SMK did the trick, off-hand at 24yds!! with a 19lb rifle out of a treestand. Was watching a field and he snuck up behind me. He'll be on my wall.


Nice buck.

On another note, I shot your EDGE at Quantico one time. As I recall, it had a muzzle brake on it at the time. Have you changed something? or am I misremembering?
That's a fine looking buck! Congratulations!

I fully understand the irony. In '07 I was watching a buck out at about 440 yards, waiting for a shot opportunity (he was just across the property line) when a decent 4x4 mulie walked up behind my haystack "blind." I shot him at about 30 yards. Maybe 30... If I stretch it a little...
Thanks guys, Larry Wallace from Winchester built it. Rem. SS action, 28" Fluted Mike Rock, Mcmillan A-5,40X trigger, Tubb lug and spring. Night force 5.5-22x50 NPR1, NF 20 MOA base and Burris Signature Rings. Eagle Pack with 338 Red-Man Mod.

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