First Custom Rifle


Nov 6, 2008
I wanted to make my first post pictures of my new rifle so here it is.

This rifle started off as a Stevens 200 chambered in .243 Winchester. It shot ok out of the box but I wanted better. I contacted Kevin Rayhill of Stockade Stocks to ask about a stock, and well he talked me into a complete rifle build.



Benchmark Barrel chambered in .243 Ackley 1-8 twist 26" long
PD/Tactical stock adjustable cheek rest, bipod rail, and detachable swivel stud.
Time and trued action
Tactical bold handle
Rifle basix trigger
Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24 X 50 Tactical

Kevin was wonderful to work with and did a superb job on this rifle. The best part was he told me it would take 4 months to complete it was done in 2 months!!
Nice looking rig. Hopefully by now you've had a chance to shoot does she shoot?
Kevin and Janet Rayhill

I have known Kevin and Janet for a couple of years andy they have always been good folks to deal with. Their Stockade Stocks are a great deal for Savage rifles.

Nat Lambeth
I would also like to brag on your rifle, that's a sharp set up. I to am curious about accuracy, cuz i've got a new gun coming to me with a benchmark barrel on it.

That's funny, he did the same thing to me. Called about a stock, next thing ya know I have a new complete custom rifle showing up. For the prices he charges you might as well have him do all the work. You just can't beat it. My 7 WSM turned out great also. To the guy wondering about the accuracy of the Benchmark barrels, mine shot a 1" group at 300 yards off my bipod. Not to shabby in my book:D
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