first custom rifle need help


Nov 17, 2002
Superior, Wisconsin
Want to build a 300rum for deer 10 to 1000 yards. this is what i was thinking, 28"-1"dia. barrel, mcmillan a5 stock, night force nxs 5.5-22x56. will use a remington action.
Sounds perfect! I'd add four inches to the barrel though. I assume you mean a 1.250" barrel tapered to 1". It will be heavy. If you want to make it portable at all I would taper it a little more.
My .300 Tomahawk has a 30" Hart barrel that tapers to .950" at the muzzle. I has the 5.5-22x56 NXS and I have a McMillan McHale stock on order. I think you will really like the setup you have planned. I also have a standard .300 RUM built by Jerry Rice which has a NXS and a McMillan A3. Do yourself a favor and try the 200 gr Nosler Accubond when you get your rifle built.

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Your plans are right on the money. I would stick with a 26 or 28" barrel, especially using a Mike Rock or Obermeyer 5R barrel. They will give you the velocity of a 30-32" regular barrel. This way your gun will still be managable in weight and portability.
And it will get you to 1000 and then some.
I would get a Hart Max Heavy Varmint Taper barrel 28-30 inches long.I currently have 2 on Remington actions and no problems at all with the bedding.If you choose a 1.200-1.250 or larger straight barrel you might want to consider a barrel bedding block to put less strain on the bedding.The other good news with the Hart is that Lester Bruno usually has one in stock so no 3 month wait as is typical with the custom barrels. once there click on store then scroll down till you see barrels and click again.
Make sure you go with a Hart Barrel. Don't forget to have Hart Cryo it.

If you are going to shoot heavy bullets, you might think about going to the 1-9" twist in it.

Do what the Chris' said....

200 gr Accubond.. set up the way Matthews said!
95.5 gr Retumbo behind the AB for 3200fps from a 25.5" cut rifled K&P barrel. I think its right up there with the 5R barrels for velocity.
My Tomahawk(.300 RUM Imp.) has a 30" Hart and it does 3200 fps with a 240 SMK and 106 gr H870 -- Not too shabby on the fps, either...

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