First Ar15 Deer


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Dec 29, 2013
Nice one man, congrats! Just got home from Nebraska last week, harvested a solid 8 point while I was there. Not with the 5.56 though, I brought the .270 so I could be more lethal at long range. This guy was about a 275 yard shot. I’ll be back in the Louisiana woods after thanksgiving with the 5.56 after a few mature bucks we have on camera.

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Congratulations!! That is a solid 8! I’ve gotten some questions on my ar15 and what I was using in my ar15 lol.
People are so brainwashed that you can’t use the ar platform for anything else than bad/illegal things, it’s sickening. I might give my upper a paint job sometime but not high on the priority list lol.

Keep us informed on the other deer and how the ar platform does for you.
Happy Thanksgiving!