Fire Forming

For my .260AAR I used:
CCI 200
11gr Bullseye
fill to base of neck w/cornmeal
small patch of paper towel in the neck to prevent spillage. Wadded up and pressed into case neck. About1-1/2" square.

Shells come out 98% formed.

The ideal amount of bullseye used varies with case size. Some say to fill the case with bullseye (or other pistol powder) to the base of the neck.
Weigh that charge, and use 10% of it for fireforming.
Same one as cream of wheat. Corn leaves more mess. The recipe depends on the size of the case and toughness to be fire formed though!

On 06 RWS size case moving the shoulder forward .200 ala Gibbs requires either 15 grains of bullseye or 20 grains of Unque, fill the case with cream of wheat, topped with a wad of toilet paper.

Any less powder of those given and the case will NOT form completely. Actually it doesn't form completely until a heavier load with bullet is used.

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