Finnaly, an Arizona Bull Elk tag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Eichele

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Jan 6, 2003
The rifle range, or archery range or behind the co
Well after aplying for the last 9 years I finally drew another Arizona elk permit.

I know its not for LR hunting its actually a bow permit, but one I have had in the past and one I hopefully will have again. Bowhunting those big Arizona bulls is a great method.

My next dall sheep hunt will just have to wait till next year!
Congratulations you lucky dog, I drew nada this year but really I can't complain as I drew one last year and was successful. What unit did you draw for?
Congratulations and I wish you the best. Be stealthy and stick a big one.

I did not draw. I put in for unit 10.

There are some real toads in your unit!

After you make your kill, will you remind us all how good those back straps are? Thanks.
I'll see if I can get up there with you this year. I only drew my fifth choice couse tag - hunt 1082. Should make for a bit longer range hunt than yours! Maybe we can get Rex, Matt, and myself up to your camp for at least part of the hunt.
That would be cool Ted!

I know Matt drew a antelope tag that is twards the end of my hunt. I am sure Rex will be there for some though. A guy I helped pack out a bull one year thats a good friend of a former employer also got a tag for the same hunt. I hope to see several old friends and aquiantances.

Maybe while I am down there, we can look over some possibilites for my program.


Congrats on your draw!
I'm not thru with AZ yet. I'm putting in for little piggie tag in October for January hunt. Deer tags are over the counter then too right? For archery?

My mother in law lives in Tucson. Be staying with her if I draw for Havelina.
I hunted that unit once back in '97, didn't shoot an elk but like you I had a great time. I wish you luck, wack a monster.

If you draw a Javelina tag and come to Tucson look me up.

Ok Wayne. Email me: [email protected].

I worked in Tucson back in the early 90's at Jensen's custom ammunition. Both locations. That is where I got my start with reloading. I was with them before and during their opening of the Jensen's West location. I understand that they were bought out a few years back. I have a friend, Ralph Anderson, a great hunter also, formerly a Rincon Outfitters owner/guide. He's on his own now. I think he was president of your local wild turkey federation chapter. I'll look you up because even if I do not draw for piggie tag, I plan on bowhunting Coues anyway.

I have a place where I was within bow range of a decent buck on 5 separate occasions. I popped a P&Y buck on Sept. 1, 1995 at 18 yards. That was the last time I hunted Coues.

You let me know if you ever want to come to Ohio and pop a huge whitetail!
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