Finally finished - 2009 P. Dog video

Now ya went and done it. I try not to get too excited this early in the winter about pdog shooting. Now I'm going to have to start loading ammo, packing boxes and dreaming every night about the upcoming trip. Thanks fer nutten!

Great video by the way.
No animals were harmed in the makeing of this video! LOL Great day Great video, what cha shootin?
Little of everything. 204 bolt, .223 mil-spec ARs, .223 custom ARs, custom 22-250s and one H&S 22-250 bolt.

Glad you guys enjoy it, we have been doing this for about 25 years so it's a collection of firearms over that time.

excellent video!!!

Maybe next time you will use Poison's "Looking for Nothin but a good time" :D.

Thanks for Posting.

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