Finally Completed Long Range Pistol

Sure thing. Just got back home, was out with my good friend (username here: Trebark), my brother, and another shooting buddy. Cleared the lane from all the new spring growth and took down another 5 trees. First time we have been able to see the 600yard target, have not lasered it yet, but i know it's darn close to 600.

My place is a heck of a lot closer thank Clark Bros... that's a long drive from my place! I've also got a buddy a few minutes drive away that let's me shoot, and i can reach 2k+ there, however our swaro LRF's give up past 1800.. but i think that's a little far for your 22BR anyway :D
Very Nice! Do you have any pics of the finished product, scope and all? The paint job on the stock is one of the best I have ever seen. I might have to alk with that person and see if he would paint one of my H&S Precision stocks I have beat up.
I bet that rig is a dream shooting it. I have a 22 Rem Mag in a heavy barrel XP and it is a treat to shoot from the bench.
Fantastic job!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the rig. Just got back from Kansas today and the pistol worked out great. Shot lots of Prairie Dogs from 250-400 yards away. However, making some modification to it now since I had it out in the field.

1.) Need to have a break added to the barrel. Just too much muzzle flip for me to be able to see the bullet impact on the varmint or to call the shot
2.) Need to add a swivel stud to the forearm so I can use a bi-pod. Regular front rest was just too much work, I need to be able to move the gun around more quickly to obtain the next target.
3.) More work to be done on the trigger as it would only set when bolt was brought all the way back to the rear than chambered forward
4.) Replacing the Vortex Viper scope with one of my Leupold's (Leupold's are far clearer than the Vortex in bright desert light conditions)

Also, my smith talked me into titanium blasting the entire action, bolt, barrel, rings, base and handle so that it all matched right before I left. The problem with the polished finish was everything looked slightly different when you saw it in person, the titanium blasting has a uniform color and texture and now everything looks like it was cut from the same stock of stainless. Not the Bling it used to look like, but still looks really nice.

Thanks again everyone.


Gun is a tack driver. Shoots really well out to about 400 yards. Only problem is the gun moves too much for my liking with more recoil than I had originally expected. So I just placed my order for a Liberty Suppressor which will both reduce felt recoil as well as muzzle blast sound levels. Where we hunt (Kansas) they just passed a law (July 2011) that now makes it legal to hunt with suppressors, so timing worked out great.

I'm also having my smith make a custom Bi-Pod attachment to the front forearm so I can attach/detach a bi pod when in the field. I erally like the Harris BR Pods, however they wont fit on the forearm due to the width and flat bottom (the spring attachments hit the bottom of the forearm). So he is going to make a piece that goes between the Bi-Pod and Forearm out of stainless stock and paint it black to match the Bi-Pod. I had do this on my 220 Swift as well and after 7 years of use, it is still working great.

Now I just have to wait for the BATF to approve the purchase to get the can.

Here is a video of us shooting it in the field... notice the nice fireball about 6" out in front of the muzzle.

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