Finally Completed Long Range Pistol


Apr 2, 2011
Gainesville, Virginia
A friend of mine said I should post some pictures of my project gun I have been working on.

I basically started from scratch with a stock 2003 Striker 516... tore it down and rebuilt it using recommendations from folks on this site. Everything has worked out better than I had expected and I could not have done this without this website and the gracious members, moderators and contributors.

Below are a few pictures of the pistol back together ready for bases, rings and scope. I'll take care of all of that next week.

Below is a list of folks who were actively engaged with my build that I would like to personally thank for their assistance & support.

Kevin Rayhill (Stockade Custom Rifles/Stocks)
Bill Hawk (Bolt Knobs by Bill)
Dave Kiff (PT&G)
Kevin Cram (Montour County Rifles)
Karl Kampfeld (Kampfeld Custom)
Scott Null (Savage Gunsmithing)
Jim See (Centershot Rilfes)
Joe Morgan (Personal Friend and outstanding Smith)

Here are the specs

2003 Savage Striker Pistol Model-516

Action Work
Bolt raceway trued, safety reworked, all manufacturing wording filed out, sanded and polished to high luster, mag well converted with block & bench rest follower, original 1st generation center trigger removed and converted to rear trigger assembly.

Bolt Work
Custom over sized bolt body from PT&G, spiral fluted, bolt face trued, lugs lapped, timed, new bolt handle, custom bolt knob, lift kit and correct cam adjustment. All parts sanded and polished to match action.

Barrel Specs
McGowen 18" SS straight blank barrel w/ 12 degree target crown, bead blasted Pattern, 1:14 twist chambered in 22 Benchrest. PT&G Competition Recoil Lug and new SS barrel retainer nut.

SSS Competition Trigger converted from Center grip to Rear grip assembly set to 11 ounces of pull

Stock & Stock work
Custom Cooper Gen3 Stock, action bedded, pillars & escutcheon’s installed, barrel & rear tang floated. Slight Modification to Stock where I cut the trigger guard in some on the right for less contact of shooting finger

Paint done by Brian of BDsCycles in SC., primered and shot in House of Color acrylic, wet sanded and shot with 4 coats of urethane clear coat.






Every thing in the images is impressive,

From the metal work and finish, stock design and finish to the Hoover'd carpet.

Not to mention the quality of wood and finish on the stair. Kind of a shame to cover it with carpet......

Very impressive work all the way around.

Maybe you better get a nonshooting neighbor to put the first ding on it.:rolleyes:
Very nice pistol! The paint job is sweet... as is the polishing. Have you taken her out to shoot yet?

Nice to see a new member from right around the corner! I live in McLean, VA but also have a farm (with a 500, soon to be 600, yard range) less than 15mins from the Gainsville Five guys... (the burger place, normal lunch stop every saturday after shooting). Shoot out there with some good friends and members of this site there almost every weekend, let me know if you'd like to stretch the legs on that 22 BR a bit!
Stock design is impressive. Contact info for them?

I have 3 stocks ready to go now. 1 for a striker w/mag well and 2 for target actions with the single port, they are set up for factory nutted barrels.

scroll down this page and click on the pic.

Center Shot Rifles - Products / Sales - Custom Stocks

these have been filmed dipped and then a high gloss clear coat applied over the film.
Thanks everyone for the nice comments regarding my rig. Been out two weekends in a row working up loads and finally have a load that is working for me. Best powder, bullet and seating length is as follows.

Brass Prep
Brass = Lapua 6mm BR Norma, trimmed to 1.557"
Forming Die = Redding Custom made from chamber reamer
Bushing Dies = Redding Competition
Mandrel = K&M .224
Neck Turner = K&M

I ran the brass first through Forming Die, then through FL Sizer to set back the shoulder. After that I ran it through a K&M .224 Mandrel Die to shape the neck and turned them very little, just enough to take the high spots off. Next I ran the brass into my Redding Competition Neck Sizing die using a .246 bushing. Loaded round measures .248 and chamber is .250". Next I sorted all my brass to .010 of a grain and boxed them up

Handload Recipe
Brass = Lapua
Bullett = Sierra MatchKing 52 gr BTHP
Powder = H322
Charge wgt = 30.6 gr
Primer = CCI BR4
Length = .002 off the lands

Best group was .193" (3-shot Group @ 100 yards)



Thanks for the invite, I sure will take you up on that as currently I am driving all the way to Warrenton (Clark Bros) to shoot, which is okay, but too many distractions and I am limited to only 100 yards.

I'll send you a PM with my contact info. Thanks again.

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