Film: How to dope wind


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Dec 12, 2002

Have added blog 5 to my channel, how to assess wind speed by looking at the vegetation. This film wasn't primarily made for imperial users or english speaking, so the units are in m/sec and the translation is not complete. Go to Convert-me if you want to calculate in mph.

Hope you enjoy!
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I guess the word "slut" is just spelled it wrong (as if I should be correcting anybody).

Sorry guys, had to do it.

Not a bad video, however the veg in different areas reacts to wind velocity in different ways. How's about one reading mirage?
Using a Canon G9 stillphoto camera for the blog entries and it doesn't have the needed resolution for filming mirage, but it is covered with the HD cameras.

Having shot on three continents, in my experience there really isn't that much difference in how the wind moves vegetation. When you see movement it's usually right around 1-1,5 m/sec, when you see the wind direction it's usually 3 m/sec etc.

It's just a quickguide to make the viewer draw the line between the dots in his own area, not a complete any-condition.
Thanks. The timing of this blog was horrible, no time to read properly but I was in a hurry when I wrote it. :D

Nothing new will appear till December. Have loaded 100 rds and expect to put most of them into deer as the property I shoot for is starting the cull next Monday. No time for film and computers then.

See ya!
Many thanks, starting Monday :)


Allthough I can see the unfortunate assosciation an englishspeaking....
Thanks for your time and effort.

Good video. Explained how to negate the mil/moa thing.

Especially liked the target in the center of the switch back.:)
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