Figure this 7 RUM Out?


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Jun 25, 2003
Eastern US
Hello gang,

Well, finally got some shooting with my 7 mm RUM. You may remember me wondering how my Remington 700 Sendero Stainless Fluted may perform. Well, I'm still wondering, though much less than before.

There's not much reload information for this caliber out on the market yet. In fact, I was only able to find out stuff from 3 powder manufacturers. Anyway, going with Hodgdon's recipe this is what I shot (albeit at 100 yards for initial load testing, longer ranges will be tested later)

Cases: Remington 2.838", flash hole deburred and pockets uniformed
Primer: Federal Gold Medal 215 Match LR Mag
Powder: H 1000
Bullet: Sierra MK 168 grn. HPBT (recommended by this board over "hunting bullets"
Distance: 100 Yards
COAL: 3.650"

Firing was 5 shots per powder graduation, 2.5 minutes between shots, 5 minutes between powder graduations.

85.0 grains 4 shots within 0.375", 1 flyer (overall group = 0.65")

85.5 grains 5 shots within 0.71"

86.0 grains 5 shots within 1.5"

86.5 grains 5 shots within 1.5"

87.0 grains 5 shots within 2.0"

87.5 grains 5 shots within 1.25"

I was so disgusted that I quit using my caliper

I talked with a good shooting buddy of mine who said that there shouldn't be that big of a jump in group size (since I let the barrel cool) I wholeheartedly agreed of course. My reloading technique is meticulous so I don't feel that is it. My only guess is that I need to clean the barrel between each shot or at least between each group. I've never had to do this before with other guns and still maintain around 1 inch groups.

Can anyone give me any feedback on this? I did break the barrel in with 24 rounds of clean, fire, clean, fire techniques, maybe it needs more!

Any advice at all?

I know this rifle is accurate, the first group could kill a nickel at 100 yards! That, of course, doesn't mean didly at ranges of 300-700 (my goal distance). If it can't perform at a hundred then there's no chance it will perform at longer ranges! I'm eager to get a good 100 yard load and take it out to 700 yards.

Again, any suggestions would be appreciated!

Till then, good shooting!
Did a search for thoughts on cleaning barrel while trying to determine most accurate load. Here is what I found:

Dave King
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posted 03-03-2003 02:56 PM
What things do you all believe are NOT good in the way of practice(s). I'll put a few of mine on top to get this lit-off.

Using equipment that is less accurate/precise than the shooter! I find this very frustrating and counter productive.

Practice onto a non-individual round feedback target system... as examples - shooting into a berm, shooting onto steel that's already obliterated, shooting large single use targets (balloons, water jugs, etc)

Michael Eichele
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posted 01-14-2003 10:19 PM
It helps ALOT if you clean your barrel before trying a different powder even if only a few have been fired from the previous. Also, some loads will need 1 foul shot and others may need 3. Give everything an equal opprotunity by starting at ground zero if changing powders or even bullets if the type of bullet is much different. Also some loads can be shot 100 times and no cleaning neccessary, and others will loose accuracy after 20. So it is best to clean often when developing a new load to make sure you get the best out of it.



Because any other sport just would not be frustrating enough!!

Well, one person says one thing, another person says another. So far, there are one vote each for cleaning vs. not cleaning between volleys in load development.

Would really appreciate some input on this!
I don't know what to make of it

Thanks again,

Think you will find that groups tend to open and tighten up as you go up and down in powder charge. You are approaching and going thru a harmonic "sweet spot" for that barrel with that powder and bullet combo.

Soley based on the data you provided, think I would retest the first two charges of 85.0 and 85.5 and see if the groups repeat.

Go to bullets barrels and ballistics on 12=24-02 and read on the ladder method.


I stumbled across the ladder method yesterday. Boy, wish to h*$# I would have found this method sooner!

I'm going to stick with the ladder method from now on. It's quick, easy, cost-effective and reliable from everyone that has posted using this method over the slower than SH#% incremental method I was using.

Thanks again though!
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