fierce rogue


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Jan 22, 2014
los lunas n.m.
i am looking at the new fierce rogue in 24 inch barrel in 7mm prc is there a big difference in volocity and footpounds between the 22" and the 24" barrel all the ones i've seen are either 22" or 20" and even 18"
No two barrels are the same but you will typically see 20-30fps per inch regardless of cartridge or powder.
Might want to read this first , just saying .....

I’ve owned 5 fierce rifles now and 3 out 5 had extraction/ejection issues.
I would not buy another Fierce till the get there s**t together. Guns shoot good but they need to address these issues and I’m not the only one having them.
Might want to read this first , just saying .....

Holy moly! Best redirect I've seen in ages.
I’ve got three Fierce Edges, and they’ve been really nice rifles for me. Shoot well, function well, and look good.

I’m a fan of the three lug bolt, with its reduced bolt lift angle. It gives you a little extra room between the bolt handle and ocular, which is helpful with modern scopes with their larger ocular housing. I also like the DLC coating on the bolt, itself. It really slicks up the cycling of the bolt.

i’m not saying other people have not had problems with their Fierce rifles. I’m just reporting out my personal experience.