Fierce Edge, I have questions!

So here’s my take on the detachable mag situation. I know that Barnes states that there bullets can require up to a .200 jump depending on circumstances. But is jamming even a 180 grain projectile into a large case like the RUM where the base of bullet is well below shoulder of case optimal? If the rifle has a lot of free bore to seat long bullets optimally, why do you cripple that with a magazine that limits greatly the seating depth? I know that you don’t have to chase the lands. But I also know that there is pressure issues and spread of ES in seating too deep. So I personally think that Fierce did not think this platform thru. Just my take on it.
Fierce is terrible to try and talk to.
The big problem really is the cartridge and bullet choices. Long heavy just wont fit, that rum case is just way too long. The best suggestion would be to look on bergers website and compare the dimensions of their bullets. The best for your application might be the elite 180’s or 205’
What animal in CA do you plan on hunting that needs a 208gr?? Load up some 181 hammers or 175 Badlands and go hunting. Don't be afraid to shoot some 130-150gr monos either, they will kill like lightning out of a RUM.
Very true! Blacktails, pigs and bears is all he hunts
Try some 175 lrx Barnes they like a lot of jump or some 181 hammer hunters. You should be able to get them to 3400 fps or really close. I think you are better off dropping down in weight when you are shooting copper bullets and getting the speed up. I have both of these bullets if you want to try a few pm me and I will send you some.
So that huge jump works in these guns?
I tried 208 Barnes full copper yesterday. That’s the thing too is he has to shoot full copper living down in Northern California. They call for 1:8.5 or faster.
Well that sucks. I’d try the 200gr LRX. It’ll work in a 10 twist.