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    May 3, 2001
    One tip for anyone hunting from a fixed location is to carry a small notepad and pen and to draw a simple sketch of the area that is being hunted. Simply draw the horizon and any prominent objects such as ridges, draws, trees, rocks or whatever. Laser the distance to each and mark each distance on the sketch, them put your laser away and use your binocs until a critter shows up. The sketch will give you instant, reliable info as to how far an animal is from your position.

    I only laser out to the maximum distance that I am confident to. These sketches can be saved and used annually if you hunt the same blind or gun-house.

    I also make simple notes regarding shooting-light times - eg. sunset at X o'clock, no clouds in sky.

    ALthough this might seem like a nuisance it only takes a few minutes and it can pay off.