Federal Premium Berger Hybrid hunter 270wsm


New Member
Jun 20, 2021
Greetings all! I recently bought a box of Federal premium Berger Hybrid hunter 140gr for my 270wsm. I was pretty excited to give it a try as the published ballistics are about as good as you can get for box ammo in 270wsm however the performance at the range was less then steller. 2-2.5 MOA was about as good as I could get out of it with a cool barrel in ideal conditions. One thing i did notice was that when loading, some rounds my bolt would close easily/like normal and other times it took significantly more force to close the bolt. My rifle is a Vanguard sub MOA, Ive tried several other brands of ammo including Nosler, Hornady, Federal blue box and I've never encountered this before. I know not all store bought ammo will shoot well out of every rifle, I've just never had the hard to close bolt issue before. Just wondering if theres any members out there that have had experience with this ammo. Thanks all in advance.