Federal brass?


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Jan 19, 2003
I just finished prepping 2 boxes of once fired brass. The brass came from a friend of mine. The box was marked Federal "Premium" and he says he purchased them new. Head stamps look good. It seemed to me that the brass took an awful lot of work compared to other brass that I've reloaded. The flash hole was not in the greatest shape and took longer to ream than usual. Most of the necks look like they have cut off marks on them? Is this normal for Federal boxed ammo? Just curious.
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I like Fed cases as well as anything else, maybe more.

It's a bit softer than others so it tends to last longer than others IF it's loaded rationally. But IF it's loaded hot, the heads tend to expand and that opens the primer pockets sooner. Guess it matters what an individual reloader wants.
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