Federal 215 primers at Midway

Got mine, am sure they are flying off the shelves, probably didn't even put them on the shelves. I wonder what the biggest order was???? I only ordered 2000. There is a local gun shop who is charging 60.00 for 215's and 100.00 for match 215's That is crazy. But I did buy a couple bricks of the 215's when he first got them, but I don't need the match primers. Its going to take me plenty of time to use up all I have now. So who all ordered some primers today????? and how much did you order?????
I didn't need any 215's but I scored some 210M's from Midway last week while the lasted. I'm in pretty good shape for awhile on primers now.

Heck, you gotta get them when you can anymore cause you never know when and or how long it will be before they show up again.

I think the highest I saw them for was about $150 per thou on gun broker last year.
The way I feel is I don't trust the government and kinda expect something to happen, so I am going to stock up just to be on the safe side. Ya I got the notice last week about the 210's, but I didn't need those so I didn't pick any up. It would interesting to see how many most people have. I had heard that right after those wolf primers hit the USA that G. David Tubbs bought like 400,000 of them. But I guess match shooters need to keep a hefty supply on hand for practicing.
Tubbs sells Match Grade ammo thru Superior Shooting Systems, maybe some was for the shop. I used to buy the most unbelievable 223 coated 69 gr Match King load I have ever shot from them, that they quit selling because of the component shortage. It would shoot 1/4-1/2 MOA out of all my AR's, the Rugers didn't like it, not enough twist. If Wolf are good enough for the world's greatest target shooter, I need to give Wolf another look.
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