Federal 215 Mag Primers - Any in Stock?


Jun 21, 2005
Happy New Year. After reading and reading on this site, I am finally getting set up with reloading equipment.

I can't seem to find any Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum primers. Does anyone know of any in stock (eg - online retailer)?

Midway and Cabelas are out of stock.

I see they have Winchester primers. Are those not preferred....?? I'm new to this and there seems to be a preference to the Federal on this site.
I do not know about Winchester. Federal primers are in general hotter than others and sometimes that is good and sometimes better/ more consistent results are obtained with cooler primers. I have had to go both ways and it is always a mystery to me why it worked out that way.
go to midway and set up an account (username & Password) then go to the reloading area and click on the primers you want. you will see an area to check if you want to be reminded. they will send you an e-mail when they come in. i must warn you that you will have to be really quick to respond to the e-mail because lately they sell out in a matter of hours. also once you recieve an e-mail your name will be taken off the notification list and you will have to re-do it again.

you must also keep checking the other suppliers, midsouth, brunos, etc.
These are the same guys Kirby is going to hunt whitetails and hairy goats with this spring when his Raptor needs to be field tested.
I've been keeping watch for these for a while... months.

You can sign up for Midway's alert system but even if you get the email and immediately go to their site things like primers and some brass will be gone. There are too many of us :) That said, I'm still signed up.

I hit send too soon

That was a great link Bob. I canceled about 4 Midway backorders thanks to that link :)

On the topic of primers- I've adopted the policy that if I can order a primer that I want I'll order a minimum of 5,000 (if possible some sites limit your quantity) and take what I can get. However, I will also order 1,000 of whatever I can get my hands on if I am starting to run low. So I grabbed a brick of the Winchester LR Mag primers from the site Bob linked to... I ain't a primer snob. I discovered early on that without a primer (A) powder leaks out and (B) the gun won't go bang
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last year I was chasing F215'S, put a order in for 1000, soon as I GET Alittle low Iorder more, Trying to consolidate powder a little more also
I found some CCI 250s in stock - so I picked up a brick of those. They seem to be right up there on on the consistency tables with the Fed 215s.

Now the fun begins - working up a load for my 300WSM!! Can't wait to give this reloading a whirl (been reading and watching DVDs to get as much knowledge as possible prior to starting).

Thanks guys!
I got two bricks. If you need one I can bring it when we next shoot. I have no real need for it but two shipped for the same price as one brick. Plus I was running low on US869.
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