Federal 210 primers denting ?


Sep 8, 2009
First off let me say hello and thanks for all the info I’ve gathered just by searching. My primer press is denting my primers. I could not find any info on this so I would appreciate a little help.

I’ve noticed the primers are being dented when pressed into the cartridge. When I say dented it’s almost a press mark. I don’t think I’m using too much force. There will even be a mark if the primer is not all the way seated. I’m using what came with a Lee anniversary kit and not a hand loader. Is this normal?

My load I’m currently working a 7mm Rem Mag is;

Neck size and factory crimp
Primer Fed 210
Hornady 162 gr SST
62.5 gr H4831

I’ve shot 1.5 MOA @ 100 yds with this load .030 off the lands. My next step is to go a few thousands from the lands and out for hopefully better MOA. :D

Thanks in advance,
I know you said you get this mark even when the primer isn't all the way seated. Just to be on the safe side have you taken a measurement on how far below the base of the cartridge the top of the primer is? You might be surprised...just a thought. I use the Sinclair SS priming tool and seat by feel.
I get the same thing on my 210's sometimes.. It has not effected accuracy at all. Sometimes they seat a little tough, I have seen it get worse when is used the ultrasonic cleaning method. Just seemed to make it to clean and no lube to help them seat.

By no means, do i suggest lubing them, but the ones tumbled with case polish seat much eaiser and no mark.

Also, dumb question, are you using the right seating plunger?

Also, dumb question, are you using the right seating plunger?


Thanks for asking. The small rifle primer won't preset the primer so I have use the large plunger.

A few left over rounds of fed premium actually have the same dent or press mark so i'm starting to think this is normal and I'm being parnoid.

Thanks again
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