Fastest Way to Skin a Deer


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Nov 6, 2006
Dayton, Nevada

Weil I'll be garsh darned. Never saw anything like that!!

However, I'm a bit concerned that my Habitat Invasion Vehicle (read suzuki sidekick) may not have the rumble or guts of that diesel rig. Maybe if I got on the down hill side?:)

Anyone ever tried that methon on a yote. A 10' pull rope would really help with the smell. Plus you could drag the hide a ways from the carcass.lightbulb


You'll be fine. We've done them with quads, utvs, jeeps, we even used a small atv winch one time.

From what I hear, you could probably tie a rope around Eaglet's ankle and roll him down a hill and yank the hide off.

The only tricky part is around the shoulders. The skin can start pulling through the crease in the shoulder instead of over the shoulders. The skin where the rope is will usually rip.