Fast twist .284 win ... anyone running one ?


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Mar 13, 2009
I was thinking about a build chambered in .284 and shooting the 168's or 180's. Anyone have any experience with one ?
Yes sir just got done with one probably 40 rounds down the tube. 1-9 twist 26" long throated to take 162 A-Max at a COL of 3.100" I'm really liking it A LOT :D Later,

I have about 300rds thru one I built last spring with a 30" Rock Creek 1-9" twist barrel.
I shoot the 180 Berger at 2850 fps, I haven't spent too much time doing load development but the load I've been using usually give me anywhere from .5-1 moa for 5 shots at 1K depending on the shooter ( me ) and the wind.
I really like the caliber and would recommend it highly.
There are some good articles on the .284 over at

Wayne aka WAMBO
THe old 284 is a great round. I chamber more specialty handguns for this chambering then rifles but it makes a great rifle as well. You really do not need alot of twist. Some prefer a 1-8 for the 175-180 gr class bullets but in most cases a 1-9 will handle them easily.

I personally feel the bullets over the 162-168 gr range are a bit heavy for this class of chambering simply because the lighter bullets, at least the ones with the better BC values such as the A-Max and Berger VLD will do very well with the velocity advantage they have over the heavier bullets.

Basically put, whatever the 280 Rem will do, the 284 will also do, or at least be so close that it would be impossible to really tell them apart down range.

Its a great chambering, but the main reason its still with us because of its wildcat offspring.
I read the article in 6mmbr and that is what sparked my interest. Thanks for the reply's. Any idea how much velocity I would sacrifice to 7 mags ? And how many more rounds I could get out of a .284 compared to the mags ?
Are you going to place this chambering on a short action or long? if you go with a long action you can throat the chamber where you can seat the bullets longer to get more case capacity. How much will you give up to a 7 MAG? so far with my rifle the 162 A-Maxes from mine I'm actually a couple fps faster (3fps) than a good friend with a 7 MAG BUT with 18gr. less powder gotta love that with the cost of reloading components these days. Later,

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