fast twist 22-250 vs 243

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  1. rdsii64

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    Dec 11, 2008
    Assume the shooter's intent is long range varmint hunting. Maximum range is 600 yards. The shooter wants good barrel life and more Horsepower than a 223 for launching 75 grain bullets. Choosing between a fast twist 22-250 and a 243 which is the better choice and why.

    To keep this an apples to apples comparison, assume both rifles have the following:

    Same factory short action
    26 inch barrel from the same barrel maker.
    a twist appropriate for 75 grain bullet
    launch a 75 grain bullet at 3350 FPS
  2. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    Long Range varmint hunting (600 yards) could use a larger/ heavier bullet because of wind

    When you start taking varments at these distances you can use a 6mm,6.5mm or even a 7
    mm bullet because conditions will not always be perfect and the smaller bullets will give you
    fits trying to out smart the wind.

    Any of these calibers in a 308 size case or smaller will work and recoil is not an issue.

    The really hot 22 cal rounds are tough on barrels with high use rates so if you keep the
    velocity at around 3000 +or- barrel life is not to bad.

    Just my opinion

  3. For strictly varmint hunting at ranges strictly under 600 yards I'd go with the .22-250 with a fast twist and experiment with the heavier bullets.
  4. groper

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    Sep 2, 2008
    just heard something interesting today... a bloke was offered rifle to shoot and asked to 'check this out'... it was a wildcat 243 necked down to .22 and proved to be an absolute tackdriver shooting those heavy 22cal bullets... his first 3 shots made a 3in group @ 900yds... i have no idea what the muzzle velocity was... needless to say they were ------- off in quite a hurry... lightbulb
  5. LongBomber

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    Dec 27, 2008
    You will not see a long barrel life from a 22-250, especially if you think you will get 3300 with a 75gr, like me... I have a 9twist 22-250 and the barrel is pretty much done with just under a 1000 rounds. I let it get a little hot a couple of times, sometimes the gophers just don't stay down.gun)

    If it was me and I wanted a 600 yard varmint rifle I would take a hard look at a 6br. Much better barrel life, a good reputation for accuracy and easy to load for.
  6. Oliveralan

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    Sep 15, 2009
    I agree 100% with LongBomber. Get a 6BR and sling 105s at 3000fps or 87gr V-maxs at 3150+ for much better barrel life than you'll get from a 22-250.
  7. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001
    I'm currently using a .243 for varmint hunting and it is very effective out to 600yds. I have used 65, 75, 85-87, 90 and 95gn bullets and the later is my favorite. They are less affected by the wind.
    My next 6mm varmint rifle with be either a .243AI or a 6mmBR. I like the throttle capabilities the .243AI has, plus the cases stretch less, but that little, amazingly accurate 6BR holds my attention also.
    I've never owned a fast twist .22-250. JohnnyK.
  8. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    the one with krieger barrel and a remington or custom action