Farrell Base on a 110Fp.

Scott E

Jan 12, 2004
Salisbury, NC
Anyone shooting a Savage 110fp with a farrell base? If so did you bed the base before attaching it? I just recieved my farrell base and was reading the Instructions and suggestions it says to bed the base. Since I'm just getting started with the long range shooting I want to make sure I do it right. Thanks for your time.
I have one that needed the bedding and one that did not, they both shoot great
error on the side of caution (often read more money) in the long range game. My Farrel is dead nutz on a sako action (rem contour) with no bedding,...but then sako has a way of machining things correctly.

I say bed it,...and shoot it.
I'm shooting a 110fp with the farrell base. I ended up bedding mine. I just filled the bottom of the base with JB weld using at tooth pick to make sure there was no trapped air. Then I put it on the reciever and alternately tightened the screws and cleaned the excess JB off the reciever. I didn't tighten the base fully like this, just snug. I sprayed the screws with welders anti-spatter to keep the JB from sticking in the threads.

After a couple days of dry time, I torqued it down with an inch/lb torque wrench. It hasn't cracked or moved since I did this(about 100 .308 rounds later).
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