Family fun at 3/4 mile!


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Aug 10, 2017

Well almost...1316yrds to be exact.
Took my dad and nephews out a couple days ago, they had never shot that far before. The older one shot first and was actually on target before we knew he was? Wind was quartering from behind us and we just weren't hearing the impacts. He actually hit it 3 times (the 2 he's pointing at and you can see one on the far left). The younger brother hit it in 4 shots and my dad got it in 3. 223AI running a 85gr Berger @ 2950fps.
.22 in a 85gr going almost 3000fps is one hell of a pea shooter
That’s still a long way for such a little bullet. 108grs going that same speed seems little compared to 180grs doing the same thing. I applaud the accomplishment.

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