factory load for 7mm rem mag


Mar 29, 2002
Just wondering if there was a factory load for the 7mm Rem mag, shot from a Rem PSS, that would be effective for ranges out to 700 - 800 yds. Will the Federal Premium with Nosler Partions work or are hand loads needed?
Effective for What? Paper, deer, coyotes, bear?

Each rifle I've had tended to be it's own individual. Every different bullet shot better with a particular type and weight of powder.

You might find a factory load that works well in your rifle. But no one can promise you that your rifle will shoot any certain bullet powder combo well. You have to try them in each rifle to know for sure how they will shoot.
sorry about not adding the specifics, deer for now, caribou in the future, possibly alaskan moose, thought I will probably use the .375 for that.
I am shooting jarrett 7mm r.m. 24" bbl. this gun shoots 150 ballistic silvertips by winchester great! Shot gun at 400 yards & covered 5 shots with coke can 3" group. Shot a 160# deer in Mexico, bullet hit shoulder blade & blew up, i was lucky I got the deer. Just bought 150 Scirocco, will try 66 gr h4831 & hope I can match the accuracy of the factory loads. After reloading all my life, I fint it hard to beleive I am talking like that!
I gotta ask this...and I ain't being nasty...

First of all, can you accurately tell the difference between 700 and 800 yards in open territory?

Secondly, do you really think there is a 7mm factory loading out there that will show any sort of accuracy at 800 yards?

Are you aware that the Sierra 168 MK leaving the barrel at 3000 fps drops around 87 inches at 600 yards, and almost 300 inches at 1000 yards?

And, that a mild breeze of 10 mph will blow it off course about 61 inches?

Even if your factory ammo gave you 2 MOA accuracy, and you had your rifle sighted at exactly 700 yards, and the animal were exactly at 700 yards, your 2 MOA could land that bullet anywhere within a 14" area...and that is out of the kill zone!
No offense taken at all, just trying to learn what will do what, (GREENHORN) coupled with the fact that all of the ballitic tables that I have only go to 400 yds. (rather pathetic I know). My reasoning was simply this, I have read that the .308 is used to win shooting matches out to 1000yds. The 7mm mag has quite a bit more umphh than the .308, thus, must be better out to that distance(ridiculous as it may sound, thats my reasoning) I have owned and operated a Win M70 sporter in 7mm mag w/Leupold VX III 3.5X10 for about 10 or so yrs. I never "broke it in" I just put in some shells and blew the stink off of it. My furthest shot so far has been about 325 yds. Sighting in off the hood of a pickup using a coat as a bag I ususally get 2in groups at 100yds. I have been interested in long distance shooting for about as long but haven't pursued it until the bug hit a few months ago. I do reload, but would not consider myself any sort of GURU. Perhaps the 7mm isn't the way to go at all, just going with what I know has worked in the past. A different combo wouldn't bother me at all, I just don't care to get into the "wildcat" stuff, off the shelf chamberings will suffice for now in an off the shelf rifle, thus the Rem PSS I have been enquireing about different rifle/scope experiences here for a while and have really enjoyed all of the input
I believe everyone could use a little critiquing now and again. Maybe the .300 win mag is in order? Any suggestions? as for as ranging goes, the Shepherd scope had sort or grabbed my attention to take care of that problem. Thanks for the help

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The 7MM Rem Mag will do fine for what you want to hunt.

Mine is a Model 70, and at this point, everything on it is still factory. At 1,000 yards, I get a vertical spread of 7-8". I'm still having problems with reading the wind and my horizontal spreads go from 8-24" depending on how bad I screw up reading the mirage.

I hunt coyotes, not much else. Their small kill zone so far has limited me to under 800 yards.

With some decent handloads you should easily be able to reach your goals. Try some good ( Norma or Lapua ) brass, and some SMK's. I like shooting the Hornady 162 A-Max and the Berger 180 VLD's too, but so far I'm not sure how they will work out on game bigger than Jackrabbits.

So far the A-Max make holes WAY too big to be acceptable, and the Berger's go the other direction, the bullets pass through with out opening at all.
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