SOLD/EXPIRED F/S Winchester Pre-64 .308 and Winchester model 24 20 Ga.

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    Feb 12, 2012
    F/S - 3 nice guns for sale.

    Model 70 Pre-64 Featherweight .308 - 1st year Featherweight, very nice condition! Few marks on stock. Blue near perfection. Asking $1250.00

    Winchester model 24 - 20 ga. 26 inch M/F barrels. Gun in nice condition. Wood and blue good. Asking $750.00

    Browning A-Bolt Hunter .284 win. Stock changed to factory black plastic stock. Gun has muzzle break on barrel. Condition good. Asking $750.00

    All three of these guns are private to FFL transfer. If your FFL will not take from private citizen, we should chat. It's legal.

    Email for pics. Buyer pays shipping. Send for PM.

    First 'I'll take it' gets it. Or call me 904-509-8293 cell
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