SOLD/EXPIRED F.S Tasco 12X-60x56mm target riflescope mil dot reticle

308 nate

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Jan 1, 2004
North Dakota
*SOLD*............... Tasco 12X-60x56mm target riflescope mil dot reticle

F.S Tasco custom shop 12X-60x56mm target riflescope mil dot reticle. S.F

Scope condition: used, good condition with a few minor scratches and elevation cap missing.

Am selling this for a friend who recently passed away due to a long battle with cancer. The funds will go to his widow.

I really have no clue on the value of this. please make an offer if you are interested.

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Don't really know what it is worth, but will give you 150 dollars. Hope you can get more than that to help out your friends wife. Thank You Tom

first off, Your friends widow has my condolences. I lost my grandad to cancer last year... I know that that's very tough.

I would really love to buy the scope but don't have much money currently. I will have the money by first week of january. Being in highschool getting cash together is pretty tough.

How is the glass quality? I want to use it for f-class, will it work at 1k? And have you checked repeatablity and if it holds zero?


Thanks for the many generous offers. I would like to get $325. After doing some research I have seen these sell for over $400. I think $325 would be a fair price for both parties involved.