SOLD/EXPIRED F/S Brass and Dies


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Aug 18, 2011
Everything here comes from a friend who passed and I am selling it on his wifes behalf
That being said the descriptions are as I see it with my own eyes, this is not my own personal things but do have in my possession. Pleases look these items over and make a offer. I can send pics through Text . Thanks

300 win mag 162 count once fired mostly win brass with rem hornady and pmc mixed in

300 H&H 60 count once fired all win brass

7stw 31 once fired and 29 loaded unknown loads

270 wsm 33 brass and 6nickel once fired a few are resized and primed

270 brass 52 count once fired mixed

New in box 20 rounds 300 wsm Federal Premium vital-shok 180 gn trophy bonded
bear claw
New in box 16 rounds 300wsm winchester 150 gn XP
New in box 5 rounds 300 wsm winchester CXP2 150 gn pp

rcbs 243 fl dies made in the 60's in great shape

rcbs 308 fl dies plus neck sizer made in early 70's in great shape

rcbs 7x57 neck sizer made in the 70's in good shape

lyman7m/m mau made in 70's missing decaping pin other that all parts are there
new pin and youre ready to go
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