SOLD/EXPIRED F/S 300 RUM Model 700 SPS w/26" barrel

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    Jun 20, 2010
    I brought this Remington Model 700 SPP Police in the 300 RUM & Zeiss Conquest scope last year and really hate to part with it. But I may be looking at my 4th back surgery. I must slow my hunting down, and my hunts out west are going to be a thing of the past. It is a great gun it will group almost anything you feed it. It has had app. 300 rounds run through it. It loves the Berger 210gr hunting VLD's with 89.5gr. of Retumbo CCI250 primer with a OAL of 3.600. This load will give me from .550 to .625 all day long. It also likes the 165s & 168gr Barnes TTSX & TSX. These will group in the low .6 to .75". The gun is black on black with a teflon finish & a black syntheic stock with a palm swell on the right side. The Zeiss scope is a 6.5x20x50 in matte black. My plans are to get a smaller cal. rifle to deer hunt around home. I would like to sale the entire lot. I have a lot of loaded ammo, but if your interested in me doing so I will pull all the bullets and bag these away from the new bullets and mail them to you as well.

    1-Model 700 SPP Police 300 RUM with the org. box and all the paper work .
    1-Zeiss Conquest scope 6.5x20x50mm MC which has #43 reticle (Mil-dot) with org. box and all paper work.
    1 tri-pold 9" to 13"
    The bases and rings go with the gun
    One 3 piece set of Redding loading dies
    1 Lee hand helded brass trimmer, but I must keep the cutter for my 243 Win.
    5-ammo boxes (3 hold 50 & 2 hold 22 & one soft box that has 15 lds in it now)
    Unloaded bullets
    Berger hunting VLD 27ct. 210gr
    Berger hunting VLD one box unopen & 1 in another box 190gr
    Speer Trophy Bonded Bear Claws one box unopen, the other has been open but this has 25 bullets in it 200gr, these bullets come 25ct. per box.
    Barnes TTSX 180gr open 20ct,
    Barnes TSX 180gr open 7ct.
    Nosler E-Tips 180gr 17ct.
    Nosler Partition 180gr 13ct. these have been pulled.
    Nosler Accubond 180gr 4ct.
    Nosler Accubond 165gr 26ct.
    Hornady SST BT 165gr 75ct.
    Loaded ammo
    1 box of 22ct 180gr Barnes TSX
    1 box of 22ct 168gr Barnes TTSX
    1 box of 31ct. Berger hunting VLD 210gr
    1 box of 39ct. Berger hunting VLD 190gr
    1 box of 15ct. Nosler E-Tip 180gr
    1 box of 25ct Nosler TTSX 180gr
    In soft box 10ct. of Nolser 165 Accubond & 5ct. of Barnes TTSX 168gr

    I'm asking $1,550 for everything listed, I can't get the picture to upload correctly but if interested sent your email address and I will send them that way.
    Thank You David Kelley
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    Jan 21, 2007
    Looks like a pretty good deal. You should check out the long range handgun section on here. There is around 2" of rearward movement with my 7wsm and I'm running a 168 grain bullet at 2850. Its amazing how nice a good muzzle brake will work on these! Mabey it would help you enjoy shooting more with less pain...
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Thanks for advise on the brake, but I found a lot of folks around someone with a brake doesn't like them due to the loudest of them. But your right about making the gun a lot more fun to shoot groups with. I have shot 12 to 15 30cal. rifles in my life, and not because this one is mine but it will group with almost anything you put together.
    Thanks David
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