SOLD/EXPIRED F/S 30 Cal bullets


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Dec 20, 2009
Boise, Idaho
Pending funds, the only bullets still left are the ones listed.

1-box Sierra matchking 30cal- 200gr, some of the bullets were pulled, total of 98 bullets in the box- $25.00

1-box berger 30cal 168gr VLD hunting bullets, some bullets were pulled, total of 63 in the box- $20.00

Money order is the perfered method of payment.

If someone wants to buy the whole lot I will ship for free, but otherwise to cover my cost of shipping it will be $5.00 per box. Any questions feel free to shoot me a PM.
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I also forgot to mention I will be posting this on a couple other sites, so at anytime this could be pulled. I am trying to move these ASAP, prices are firm, might knock off a few bucks if someone bought the whole lot. I think the prices are pretty fair.
Only two boxes of bullets are left.

1-box of 98 Sierra 200gr matchking 30cal, some have been pulled. $25.00
1-box of 63 Berger 168gr VLD hunting bullets-30cal, some have been pulled $20.00