SOLD/EXPIRED F/A Rem 700 25/06 Barreled Long Action

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Remington 700 Action chambered in 25/06 Mountain Rifle version. It is the standard .473 bolt face also the action is the Detachable Bottom Metal. The barrel is 21" long from recoil lug not sure on twist but i shot 117gr. bullets out of it. Also the rifle has been Duracoated in black, also the Leuopld base and rings included. Has the older style Rem. trigger. Round count mid 3's. <SCOPE NOT FORSALE> Having problems getting pic's smaller want fit. Will send them by email. < SCOPE NOT FORSALE >
    PRICE $450.00

    Also listed on other site's < SPF> <SPF> <SPF>
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