Extreme outer limits/MOA Rifles

I bought one of these rifles in 7mm magnum. To be honest im a bit disappointed in it. I upgraded everything I possibly could that they offered. Got the jewell trigger and even had the bolt spiral flutted. I will say it did come with a great trigger and that is about it. The stock is a McMillian but im not impressed with it. Finish is terrible and there is sanding marks all over it, Almost like it was rough finished only. Now to the rifle, The cerakote is "Air" dried NOT baked! Don't let them tell you different. Mine has chipped away with every trigger pull around the muzzle break and flakes have came off the barrel. As for how it shoots. It does shoot fine BUT not from a clean barrel. It takes 3 to 5 rounds of fouling shots for it to settle in again after cleaning. But the the more rounds you put down range the barrel does get better with each shot. Run it dirty. When I called on this, even the gun smith said, In a nut shell, don't clean it only once a year after your all done shooting for the season. My advise is to spend a few more $$ and buy a rifle else where. Also don't believe there moto of "if your not happy with your rifle send it back" After the sale I and I have found a couple others who have ran into the same thing, Once the sale is complete they wont return calls or emails and if there is a problem they want to fix it over the phone and say is "Buyers Error". There is around 17 of us who shoot at our range and 3 of us bought rifles from Bob beck. All 3 rifles are different Cal's. 7mm mag, 270 wsm, and a 6.5x 284. All rifles act the same and all 3 have the same issues. Hope this helps. To give a personal thing about myself, I own my own business for 14 yrs now and other than work I live to hunt & shoot. I am not a huge Blog person posting everything and anything but I have been a member of this site for a while now and this rifle purchase inspired me to finally write about my experience with MOA rifles.
very interesting, thanks for the info