Extending useable life of all cutting tools

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    Smiths, gun-rifle-, You are ready to cut metal with as sharp a tool as possible. You would like to finish the complete job without resharpening. In fact you would probably prefer to keep that edge for several more jobs. What you need is a better RMS, less chatter, cooler cutting, less resharpening. Is this possible? Yes! Would you like to try it out where you set the goals, and judge the outcome. It could be a reamer, tap, die, hs cutting tool, speciality tools, drill bits. It works on just about everything. Carbide inserts are sometime held together by a non compatible glue. They will break up immediately. However, 90% do a fantastic job. Not a sales pitch-- need actual testing before putting on the market. PM me and lets talk by email. It will change the way you think about hs steel tools.
    You will receive a small bottle of the product to test and report.
    thanks 21buck
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