exporting reloading components?


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Sep 2, 2008
i was wondering if anybody could explain the rules regarding the exportation of reloading components (not loaded ammo) outside the USA?

Im mostly concerned with the non hazardous components such as the projectiles, and brass.

Any help or links much appreciated...
The new laws that went into effect has pretty much strangled exporting anything related to firearms and equipment. Import permits are easy to get on your side, but the kicker is now here in the US. The State Dept and the Dept of Commerce are requiring an export permit, brass, bullets, dies, scopes and other items. If you are purchasing a rifle for export then you can add all these items onto the same permit for the same fee, but separate its not cost effective as most exporters are getting 500.00 for one export. Unless you get a whole group of guys together for a massive buy then it would be worth it.
After talking with some officials here, i no longer will ship gun related items out of the US with out going through an exporter. The new laws have a lot of gray area and most of it is up to
interpretation to what is ok and what is not. I will not take a chance any more.

Crapploa US administration! Guess who
ITAR---Google it. I am in the military aerospace industry (contracts) and you can find out most of what you need to know after a lot of reading.
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