Excited about my 300wm

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Just got back from montana getting my rifle set up and sighted in. We epoxied my scope bases down, we even had to retighten the action screws down. We got all ready to go loaded up some 180 grn nosler balistic tips and headed out to the range. we got my 300 sighted in and proceeded to shot targets at 300 yrds. To our surprise we shot a 1.75in 7 shot group at 300 yrds. And calculated the cold bore shot. It was really good to see. we got the barrel pretty warm and noticed that it would shot prob. 3 inches high. The up pereasure on the end of the stock caused this when it gets hot. Once the barrel cooled down it would immediately shot back where it is supose to and sighted in at. We vereified this 3 different times. Really interesting to know since the cold bore is the shot that matters.
    I was surprised since this is a stock remington 700 adl ss. I can't wait to get to the range again.

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