Ever had a rifle stolen or sold one and MISS it?!?


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
I really miss my old sandero 7RUM!!!!

just an old pic I had of the rifle before a little evening hunt with a lady friend(prior to the muzzle break anyway)

Yep, Had a remington 788 stolen many years ago to bad there was not a web site that you could list them at so that you would have a better chance at getting them back .Our local police would not know a stolen gun even if they did match the numbers.
Josh, save your pennies, I know where you can find a good one. I still have that Sendero 7RUM with a kreiger barrel and with a zeiss 6-20x50. Didn't we discuss this gun on the old forum? Less than 50 rounds 2,100 for the package.
i think we did eddybo..... I'm thinking of going with something that carries a little more punch on down the like now a days though... something like a 338 edge maybe?!?
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