Establishing Peak Accuracy and Barrel Life


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Jul 6, 2002
barrel wear is not only velocity if you built a table bad / good for barrel life

firing rate slow good fast bad

shot with hot barrel very bad

shoot with very slow coarse powder ( as 5010 ) bad

cleaning without perfect method very bad

use very short neck cartridge bad ( for me )

use over bore ( real over bore as 30.378 Wea in 30 cal ) bad

use solid bullet rather copper jacket / lead core not good

etc etc

It is sure that long bearing bullet increase barrel wear but for me barrel is the same problem as tire on race car you fit them to get preformance and you just need to have enought life product to get the performane you need .

for barrel I use always swicht barrels when I can ( except glue barrel block ) and I use 3 barrels ( fitted and chambered in the same time

I test fire the three barrels
the baddest is keep for load dev , bullet trial and other trials
the medium is use for practice and windy day
the best is keep for real match shooting

all my rifles have a spare barrel to make load dev or fire forming if I am not able to swicht the barrel I have two old action P14 to fit barrels ( reguler carbon steel barrel) and make fire forming / first load dev without burn true ( and costly ) match barrels .

bullet velocity / barrel lenght is not a real problem with slow powder you need long barrel first to get velocity second to reduce muzzle flash ( keep muzzle pressure low ) to don't disturb the bullet , and just check that your bedding system is strong enought to hold long barrel .

muzzle velocity is not te first problem ,first problem is :does the bullet I shoot is still supersonic on my target .

good shooting



Sep 6, 2002
Everett, Washington
Of Concern is the Following regarding Establishing Peak Accuracy and Barrel Life:

By using a longer and heavier 30 caliber bullet of which yields a greater BC the resultant velocities decrease. As a result of the decreased velocity by using the longer and heavier 30 caliber bullets, theoretically would it not reduce friction thus prolong barrel life and thus maintaining peak accuracy? Inturn would a hypervelocity 30 caliber light weight bullet say of 125 grain having a muzzle velocity of 3800 fps wear out a barrel significantly faster than a heavier and slower yet ballisticly more efficiant 30 caliber bullet of say 220 grain? Opinions please.


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