Enjoyed my first COYOTE!!!


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Oct 16, 2008
I finally was able to travel to northern Mexico, with a friend for a geese and predator hunt these weekend. It was my first time out hunting for predators, calling them.
The first hunt we made was at night, called in 5 times, and I was amazed how good these calling techniques are, really I am impressed and hooked for life!!!
First call, we had a grey fox come to us but he busted us before I got a shot, and disappeared in one second, second call, a raccoon came in and I really didnt want to shoot him, third call, we had the first encounter with a coyote, but as smart as they are, a little mistake in the calling or lighting and he turned around and runned away very fast without a chance for a good shot, fourth call, FINALLY, another grey fox came in perfect and gave me a shot opportunity at around 35 yards, looking straight forward at me, one shot through the chest, and he was done (didnt took a picture-I still regret that).
The next day, we started the day looking for geese but no luck, so at around 16h00 we settled in a nice looking spot surrounded with thick vegetation, and started calling, 3 minutes later I looked to my back and the coyote in the picture was looking at me at around 30 yards, and stayed there a little too long for him, finally my first COYOTE.


The last night of the hunt we called for predators 4 times, the first one we had 3 different foxes come in but I decided to shoot only coyotes or cats. Second call, we had a cat come in from the gorge and stopped at 25 yards away: boom... DRT. First cat of my life also.


Third call we had 2 more grey foxes come in and we let them pass. The last and fourth call awaked these yote, and he came in from around 300 yards away, and stood behind a little brush and 120 yards away, I took him and he was DRT.
Very happy with the trip and hunting experience. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

Great hunt, story and pics!
It took me a while to get my first one, you sure have got things figured out.
And I got my first cat tag this year and no luck, hope the next tag doesn't take 5 years to get.
Glad to see you had such good success on your first outing!! Congrats!!

Man that cactus is tall! I see your shooting a Browning, what cal is it?
Posted by Sbruce: I see your shooting a Browning, what cal is it?
Yes it is a Browning, caliber was 25-06, I was shooting Federal Premium Ammunition, 117 grains, Sierra Gameking BTSP. Worked good enough, probably a bit too much for predators, but that is what I had.
Thank you guys for the replies.
Before I was a member of this site I had almost none interest in coyote or varmint hunting. After reading all your incredible and interesting stories I was very interested in it. Now after hunting the first ones, I AM HOOKED!!!:D
Sounds like you had a great hunt. Fine looking game. Nice shooting, story and pics. thanks for sharing.
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