EMP and gun safes

I purposely bought my safe with a mechanical lock. Not for the EMP concern, but for the fact that I have two buddies who have had electronic locks die and had to have their safes cut open. No thanks.
The magic words are: "Faraday Cage" - surrounding the device with a conductive material like aluminum or copper. Some old genius guy named Faraday invented this stuff over 150 years ago - nothing happens inside cage. TelCom spaces for important secret stuff are lined with sheet copper to keep stuff inside.

Aluminum foil hat would work.

Our friendly lock smith man does not like electronic locks.
I just talked to Pro Steel CS who made my gun safe about 25 years ago and asked her "Is my S&G digital lock EMP proof?"
She said yes, up to 50,000 volts and anything higher than that would be difficult to test. Maybe ....?
I asked if I was the first person to ask about this, she said "No". I said "That's good, fat least folks are thinking about it"
I also asked about a Farady cage and she said "Yes that might work." I said "I don't want to necessarily drill attaching holes in the beautiful door of my all black F N National safe in the off chance we do get an EMP!" Will humans survive one? Will all the plants and animals get "air fried"? I should have asked if behind the digital lock, is there a key lock? So, I called her back and "No, there is no key lock." So, pretty much I'd be locked out if there's a failure for what ever reason. I should have asked her if the safe is "Magnet Proof?"
Maybe another time?
I would put the whole works inside of a copper mesh enclosure then ground the enclosure. Maka a nice wood paneled safe enclosure that compliments your decor then line it with copper mesh then ground it to the nearest plugin/ground. 2X4's & OSB would work for me.

My massive gun safe has an olde S&G dial lock. Our friendly locksmith guy advised against electronic lock safes.

Some safes have a hardened steel plate that is intended to frustrate drill attempts. Never done this - bust into an electronic keypad safe - drill hole big enough for borescope, locate solenoid then hot wire solenoid with equivalent power battery. My keypad safe uses a 9 volt.
We're supposed to use safes?

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Kidding kidding. Everything I have is mechanically locked. My main rifles are locked into a rack with a cable lock that's really just there to deter my kids from walking away with them.

Before anyone gets their keyboard commando skills ready, I pull the bolts and keep those locked in a pistol safe. 🤣

the average Americans life expectancy would increase more by eating a salad than preparing for an EMP anyway
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I mean.... you aren't wrong there🤣 I eat a full-on paleo diet of meat I've hunted and killed..... plus whatever else my wife insists on putting on the side!
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Not a CME…..this time! But, we do need to understand that there are things well beyond our control that can irreversibly change our destiny! This one won’t mess up your electronic lock, maybe the next event could be a major CME…..coming to a neighborhood near you! memtb

5 pages of "Much Ado About Nothing". First, I believe at least one mentioned it before, electronic safes come with key over ride. But in case it doesn't, if you worry about it, place a Farafay Cage over the exposed eleconics, laready mentioned before.
I noticed someone mentioned something else failing in the electronic system. Mechanical safes can fail as well. Why else would there be locksmiths?
If a mechanical lock safe helps you sleep better, by all means, have it.
Not to distract from EMP - when our nice locksmith replaced the S&G combo lock on our safe, he asked me to remove the inner door cover so the lock workings would be exposed - this would speed up his job & reduce our bill. I removed the inner door cover & discovered a mess. The door had been dropped by movers and pieces of common ordinary sheet rock/dry wall were spread thru most of the door insides. A big piece of rock was interfering with the mechanism that moved the locking pins & smaller pieces partially blocked the combo mechanism. I was sort of disappointed to see common ordinary sheet rock inside a real expensive massive gun safe, I was expecting to see some space age insulation.

I replaced the busted up 1/2 inch rock with 5/8 rock & glued it onto the inner side of the safe door using construction adhesive. The locksmith installed & tested a new S&G combo. I replaced the inner door cover.

I now have an electric keypad type safe for my rifle overflow that increases despite restraint efforts. The new electronic keypad safe is not fireproof. If inside rock can fire protect, outside rock may also fire protect. My plans now are to build a nice gypsum (rock) enclosure for the keypad safe. Sandwiching heavy duty aluminum foil between 2 layers of 1/2 rock should make for a Faraday cage. The outer shell will be left over cement siding from our house construction. I plan to paint it purple with big yellow stars.
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