ELR What would you teach?


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Oct 28, 2010
Jackson Hole, WY
To even have a chance at ELR, people need to be brilliant in the basics first. People need a solid shooting platform, quality rifle and optics especially. If they can hold a consistent sub moa group at close ranges, then they can start moving the distance and pushing the line. So, in my opinion, it all depends on your target audience; are you teaching people with strong skills already, or people that are beginners but want to go ELR? Based on that it would determine what I would teach.


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May 1, 2011
Gillette, Wy
What do you consider ELR, what range?
There was a guy who kicked some serious butt at a 2K match with a Savage rifle, he had things covered, lol.
First I would say solid gear, rifle, range finder<big, your range finder is YOUR ruler, not someone else's or surveyed targets, optics.
2nd would be the importance of solid handloading techniques. Does no good to shoot at a 24" square at 2K if you have 3ft of vertical dispersion.
3rd, understanding terrain and winds associated with said is a must.
Once 1 & 2 are conquered, number 3 rules.

Nothing compares to experience though, rds down range in all conditions. But it can be costly, maybe even improbable also. I am sure we all recall our first attempt at 1K, probably a little wishing going on, maybe a hail mary too. But we all did it and now it is a walk in the park, most places we go.


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Sep 12, 2019
You actually start with the basics, so many folks are missing on the small things that add up at the end of the day and then you take it to the advanced levels that will be beyond some understandings, very educational for the experienced but yet everyone will take from it.

Its everything, rifle setup, understanding the scope and really knowing how to calibrate it, load preparation and development, using and truly understanding ballistic programs then onto shooter platform and communications within the team.

Something that has been mastered, experienced and proven that can be duplicated under any condition and under a time restraint when the crew and shooter is under pressure.

This is my opinion on this subject when ELR training comes up.


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