Elk hunting boots for wife

Warm, tough, and light? Hmm...strongly recommend you go to REI. Boots can "turn on you" after a few hours of wear, and REI will stand behind their sale by allowing an exchange or refund in first year after purchase. I do have to say that I cannot imagine ever hunting in the mountains again without my Kennetreks. I would have never bought them...I won them. First time out I almost pooped myself I was so happy. I bought a pair for my wife and an uninsulated pair for me. They aren't the lightest (or the heaviest either), but they give you massive confidence and have never given me a blister. I like barefoot running and minimalist shoes, but for the days I'm in the mountain, I cheat and lean on my Kennetreks. Anyway, my recommendation is to not get too hung up on weight. Pick a boot that will work for her and a company that will stand by the purchase (REI).
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