Elite 4200 VS Grand Slam


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Sep 25, 2002
I have been reading about how much some guys like the glass in the Weaver GS series,.so I went to the outfitter,..took one outside,..and peered through the variuos fields. I was impressed with the quality of picture,...especially for the $$

Now,..My question is,..how does the 4200 Bushnell series scope compare? I know that many here also like this line of glass very much as well. Can anyone offer experience with both or why one was chosen over the other?

Justin, If I don't say this, someone else probably will, When comparing scopes during the day, sunlight has a way of making alot of scopes, even cheaper ones look good, the scopes nowadays, are so close in the brightness dept. it seems to come down to which scope tickes your fancy better, does it matter where the scope is made? I just read my new Rifleshooter, and they got a big rightup on the top scopes, they didn't have a bad thing to say about any of the scopes, so now you got to ask yourself, do want a Burris, Burris or a Burris?
God, I'm getting sick of myself. Seriously, there's alot of good scopes, and the ones you mentioned are excellent choices, although, I can say I've never looked through a Grand Slam, but the 4200 looked pretty good, BTW, I think they're both made in Japan, If that matters. Jay
Thanks Jay. I looked at the burris (as I am already in love with my signature series
). I wanted something in the 20-2? power range,.and the burris only has 22" of adjustment when it is that power. That is upsetting as I really like their products.
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